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King’s-Quality Restoration can handle all your contents cleaning as well as storage of your personal belongings in our climate controlled warehouse. Our staff is trained to handle all your textiles, clothing, electronics and furniture cleaning and restoration on your contents.

Depending on your situation, we offer a variety of services to help assist you during the restoration process.


This may include water extraction/drying, boarding up to secure the property, and/or removal of contents and/or containment of contents to prevent from further damage.


The pack out process is when our team of technicians removes all contents from the interior of your home/property.

Our technicians will professionally photograph, inventory, pack out and pack back your personal belongings (contents) using the Assured Packout Express Inventory system. This system is well recognized in the insurance and restoration industry.

Using the Assured Packout Express Inventory system, our technicians use iPad’s to photograph and inventory your contents. This system allows us to create detailed reports that will be given to you as the homeowner on a USB drive or via email within five (5) business days or sooner from the date we pack out your home or business. We can also make these reports available to your insurance adjuster as well so that you don’t have to. The electronic format saves time and paper and items can be viewed in the condition they were found post loss. We use the Assured Packout Express Inventory system to make the restoration process efficient and provide a faster turnaround for you and your insurance company.

Reports available include:

  • Declared items report- this report lists all items that were so heavily damaged that they need to be replaced. All items are photographed and listed.
  • Job details report-this report includes before photographs prior to pack out as the contents originated at the time of loss.
  • Presentation report-this document is a report of all contents packed out to be cleaned/restored and stored at our facility. This report includes a very detailed description of each item, including brand names, model numbers, and serial numbers as well as any added notes about the item. These notes include documentation on the condition of each item, stained, missing handles, scratches or chips, smoke damage, etc. This particular report also includes clear photographs and the box number for easier access to certain items at the time of returning the contents back to you.

Our technicians will load your belongings into a moving truck and safely transport them to our secure, climate-controlled contents processing facility for further inspection and cleaning.


Our technicians will return all restored, cleaned, and/or stored contents to your home using the same care and concern as when we moved it out.