Avoid the shock of finding out your policy doesn’t cover flooding after Mother Nature turns your basement into an indoor pool. An agent can walk you through the details of your policy in about 10-15 minutes so you know what is and isn’t covered. Your policy also outlines the deductible amount. If repairing the damage to your home costs less than the deductible, it may not be worth filing a claim.

Call an Agent Before You Claim

In the event of damage to your home, call your agent first, not the the claims center. Your agent can help determine if you need to file a claim. If a person calls me and they say ,”Joe, my roof is leaking.” I’m not going to suggest they file a claim immediately. I’m going to suggest they have someone come out and look and get an estimate.

When it comes to filing homeowners insurance claims, what you don’t know might truly hurt you. Did you know that filing more than one insurance claim within a five-year period could result in losing your insurance? Since lenders require proof of insurance while you hold a mortgage, keeping your coverage proves pivotal.

Each insurance company sets guidelines on the maximum number of claims before opting not to renew, but often two is the magic number, meaning that insurers decline to renew after you exceed that number of claims in a period of time, industry experts say. “Generally, when we see a second claim filed on a customer on a three-year or five-year period, they’re probably going to get non-renewed.

Programs exist for those who can’t get a private policy. For those who lose their coverage and can’t get insurance in the private market, states offer public programs, often known as Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) plans, as insurance of last resort. Visit Indiana Fair Plan for more information.